There is a Difference

Unlike most financial advisors, Schiff Wealth Advisors doesn’t spend time trying to predict or time the market.

Academic studies and history prove that a low-cost, evidence-based investment strategy outperforms the vast majority of active investors. Instead of trying to beat an index, our approach succeeds by investing in the total market.

Schiff Wealth Advisors is one of a select group of investment advisors with access to institutional funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), which applies proven academic research to portfolio management. We help our clients create a diverse portfolio across DFA’s broad mix of asset classes.

Schiff Clients have Several Distinct Advantages

Typical Investor Client
No Defined Plan
High Fees
Eggs in one Basket
Myopic Perspective
Sold Products

Schiff Wealth Advisor’s Client
Investment Policy Statement
Low Fees
Focused on the Long View
Educated Investor
Tax Sensitivity & Efficiency

Our investment philosophy takes away all the excitement as markets ebb and flow. Nobel Prize winner William F. Sharpe, an advocate of passive management, once noted that indexing – the most basic investment strategy – is “a boring way to get rich.”

We’re all right with that.