Our clients don’t spend time fretting over questions

A proponent of evidence-based investing sits in a coffee shop on Wall Street, leisurely reading a book and sipping a cup of coffee as those believers in active management nervously flip through the financial section of the newspaper and guzzle their caffeine, trying to compensate for yet another restless night’s sleep.

Outside on the sidewalk, other stock pickers pace up and down the street, wondering incessantly…is the market up? Is it down?

Because of our philosophy at Schiff Wealth, our clients don’t spend their precious time fretting over such questions. Neither do we. So, instead of spending time on efforts that do not bring investors value, we take that extra time to focus on delivering true wealth management services, not just money management. This means constructing a customized plan built around your unique ability, willingness and need to take a risk. This means preserving your wealth once you’ve accumulated it and giving back to the cause that are dear to you.

Simply, the service we provide you is built around you, not Wall Street.