We devise strategies built on wisdom, not hope.

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Think back to the first time you hear that figure of speech, and perhaps the question that came to mind was this: Why would anyone look for a needle in a haystack? Our thought exactly. Why?

However, that’s what hordes of investors and mutual fund managers are figuratively doing when they sift through huge piles of stocks in an effort to pluck out the one that just might shine – but as overwhelming academic evidence suggest, likely won’t.

Ignoring overwhelming evidence, however, is commonplace on Wall Street and among active investors. Consider this: There isn’t a single peer-reviewed academic paper that shows active management brings value to clients.

In stark contrast, countless academic papers support the benefits of passive investing and Nobel Prizes have been awarded to the big-thinking academics who helped bring tenets behind this investing method to light. In fact, passive investing could very well be renamed evidence-based investing.

At Schiff Wealth, we are advocates for this evidence-based approach, bringing logic, transparency and simplicity to our clients. We help investors understand the math, science and evidence that allow them to make smart decisions about their financial lives and capture the returns markets provide. We devise strategies built on wisdom, not hope.

With Schiff Wealth, there’s no need to look for needles. You get the entire haystack.