Client-Centered Approach

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At Schiff Wealth, you are the center of our universe.

At Schiff Wealth, we are at the center of the passive investing universe. And this is how we got here: By putting you at the center of our universe.

That may sound simple enough, but our model is actually quite different than that of many in our business, whose universe revolves around their interests, not their clients. We have chosen to be fiduciaries, legally obligated to act in your best interest at all times.

We are fee-only investment managers. Our model is also different because of our philosophy. We aren’t fixated on the latest swings on Wall Street or why a certain stock is underperforming. Therefore, when you meet with us, we spend out time together discussing the things that matter most to you, whether it’s risk management, charitable giving, Social Security or other issues concerning your wealth. We aren’t money managers. We are true advisors – for all your needs.

And then there’s this concept to ponder: This model puts you at the center, provides more service and can cost less.

That’s what our world is all about.

To Recap:

We are fee-only investment managers
We are true advisors
We are rooted in an evidence-based approach
We are concerned with your best interests
We are focused on you